Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stockpiling weapons is bad, except when it’s not

There is a section of the population who are worried about how much the US spends on its military.  They fear that after spending so much time and national treasure to build super carriers and super stealth bombers and everything else that, well, we’ll have to use them at some point.  And this war may not be in the national interest as much as it’s an excuse to justify spending so much money on these weapons.  These people worry that instead of wars about our national ideals on freedom and liberty they will be about the military-industrial complex showing off their latest products so they can make a profit.

Yet some of these same people probably look at anti-government militias stockpiling guns as … patriotic.  Shouldn’t there be some worry that these groups will perhaps one day get bored and manufacture some excuse – not involving government tyranny – to use their weapons?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Overreliance on the Second Amendment

Many of the Pro-Second Amendment people talk about it as a defense against government tyranny.  Many of the Pro-Gun Control people then laugh and say, “Sure, because Joe Bob and his brother/cousin Leroy hiding in the woods with their AR-15s and empty beer bottles will be a match to a supersonic cruise missile fired from a ship a hundred miles out to sea.” But I wonder if this is a case of people fighting the new war with the weapons and tactics of the last? 

I mean, some of the fringe gun people think the government operate mass shooting false flags to force gun control on people.  (Although, despite all these “false flags” there hasn’t been any increase in gun control, but after every shooting there is a rise in gun sales, so who really benefits from these supposed false flag operations?)  If the government is that evil, then why wouldn’t they plant, I don’t know, child porn on the laptops of prominent gun people to discredit and remove them before doing anything overtly tyrannical? 

Many would define the Intolerable Acts as tyranny, but what of gerrymandering and voter suppression?  Aren’t these actions of one party to stay in power despite the will of the people minor acts of tyranny?  How the fuck would an AR-15 stop gerrymandering?

Monday, January 22, 2018

A conservative conundrum

I was thinking the other day how Trump can basically do anything.  If Fox News had video of him sacrificing a virgin on an altar in the middle of the woods at night, it seems like many on the right would say that it was taken out of context, or would try to deflect it by saying something along the lines of, “I though liberals were supposed to be tolerant of other religious beliefs.” I was wondering what would Trump have to do to lose their support.  Then I remembered him saying he could shoot someone and his poll numbers would go up.  This led to an interesting conundrum.  If one of these Second Amendment warriors was in a bar and heard that there was a maniac standing in the street shooting people and went to put an end to it, who would conservatives end up supporting: Trump, or the good guy with a gun?

Probably Trump.  Because a real American would be shooting at the same people the President is.  A true patriot always supports the President.  Well, as long as there’s an (R) by their name.