Thursday, June 23, 2016

Second Amendment Remedies

First off, I am not advocating violence towards anyone.  Violence should always be a last resort and an admission that you weren’t smart enough to find a better solution.  However, I’m also a writer who ponders things – sometimes dark and disturbing things – to maybe find story ideas.  With all the talk of gun regulations and whatnot going on now, I pondered about guns and came up with the following.

How many big name gun advocates – both celebrities and legislators – would need to be shot before the pro-gun side of legislatures would consider taking some action on gun control?  When gun violence happens to people you don’t know, you can take the detached, ideological view and talk about FREEDOMS, but when your friends, colleagues, or maybe even yourself are victims of gun violence, ideology may take the backseat to self-preserving practicality.

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