Monday, August 9, 2021


How many of the people who think “The government can’t tell me to wear a mask,” are perfectly fine with the government telling people who they can marry?

When a politician of Party X does something wrong, whether you even care or think they should resign/be impeached depends largely on if you are a member of Party X or not.

Some people think schools shouldn’t teach sex ed because that is a parent’s job.  Some of these very same people want those very same teachers to lead their children in prayer.

There are derogatory terms for every group of people.  Which ones you find offensive depends on which ones you use.

How many of the people who say you can’t do anything to interfere with the owning of guns because the Second Amendment is in the Constitution, go ape shit when they hear someone speaking Spanish?  Apparently, that Freedom of Speech part from the First Amendment only applies to English.

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