Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 plans for this blog

When I started this blog, my plan was to put up a post about once a month until the summer of 2016.  I’d then ramp up to maybe a post a week as the 2016 Election finally wrapped up.  It didn’t feel like I had kept to that, but I guess I have posted about one a month, on average.  And that’s still my basic plan for this blog.  You should see a post a month until spring, and then the political stuff will start building up.  This site is supposed to be about anything, not just politics.  But let’s face it, 2016 will be focused on politics.  But there should also be some alien or conspiracy stuff thrown in.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Do you think Jesus would care what you call it?

My Hero was a British comedy about an alien superhero (Thermoman) trying to fit in and make sense of life on Earth.  In one episode he’s concerned about people putting trees in their homes and wonders if it’s some alien plot.  But his girlfriend tries telling him about Christmas trees and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  He asks if these trees were special to Jesus, and she says no, and he eventually says that the decorating trees part is “a funny way to celebrate his birthday.” I found a clip online, and the scene is right after the opening credits

And it’s very true.  In years past (maybe even this year, but I haven’t paid any attention) very vocal, wannabe Christian martyrs cry out about how other people have “mistreated” Christmas trees, or whatever.  But Christmas trees didn’t come around until well over a thousand years after Jesus.  So why all the intense DEMANDS that Christmas trees have to be associated with the birth of Jesus?  It’s almost as if some people see Christmas trees as graven images. 

A few years ago, after seeing that episode of My Hero, I wrote a short story for a friend’s website.  The story is still up, and if you’re interested, check out “In the Spirit.”

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jesus vs. Megachurches

I'm not religious, but if you go by the Christian view of things, Jesus preached from a small hill.  There are many today who preach from megachurches.  God - in his infinite wisdom - made a great many small hills around the world.  He didn't make a single megachurch.  Just something to ponder.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Returning to the Garden of Eden

I’m not religious and I’m not a biblical scholar, but as I understand it, God made Adam and Eve to frolic naked in the Garden of Eden without cares for such things as money.  Stuff happened, and then God kicked them out.

My question is, why don’t believers try to return to such a life?  It seems that the most vocal biblical followers are the ones who would call people who frolic naked in a garden without any concern for money “Dirty hippies who need to get a job!”

I’m sure someone would say that humans on our own can’t return to the innocence of life in the Garden of Eden without the grace of God, or something.  But I’m just asking why, if humans were made to frolic naked in a garden, why is that now usually considered a bad thing?