Monday, July 16, 2018

Would you eat human meat?

Now when I say eat human meat, I’m not talking like Jeffrey Dahmer, or you’re crashed in the Andes, or even a story I read a few years ago of an “artist” who had their leg amputated for some reason and cooked it up for their friends.  Instead, I’m talking about synthetic human meat.

Synthetic meat is where you take some cells from an animal and grow them into meat in a lab.  It’s beef that was never part of a cow.  A lot of work has been done with this in the last few years, and a couple months ago I saw an article saying synthetic meat would show up in grocery stores by the end of 2018.  This wouldn’t be synthetic steaks, but more the crumbly bits of meat on frozen pizzas.  Synthetic steaks are still a few years away.

But if you can make synthetic beef, you can make synthetic human.  Would you try it though?  I think if someone took some of my cells and made synthetic Steve meat, I probably wouldn’t take a Steveburger, but I would try a piece large enough to get a taste. 

Of course, I do have to wonder if synthetic meat made from cells taken from a Japanese woman would differ in taste from synthetic meat made from cells taken from a Swazi man.  Could you find an exquisite flavor in synthetic meat made from cells taken from a member of one of those Stone Age tribes in the Amazon, resulting from them being more-or-less genetically separated from the rest of humanity for so long?  Sounds like the beginning of a horror story.

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