Monday, January 7, 2019

An alternative to a border wall

There is a lot of hoopla over Trump’s border wall.  Personally, I don’t support it.  Even if Mexico was paying for it, I’d still say it was a waste of money.  Mainly because walls just drive people to find ways to go over, under, around, or through them.  I think even during the campaign there was a point where Trump admitted that ladders could be used to get over his wall.  Hell, a couple of weeks ago I saw a video on Facebook of some Mexican politician who climbed a section of the existing wall and just sat on top of it.  A wall is just an obstacle to be overcome. 

The other night I was thinking about this, and I wondered if there was a better solution.  What I came up with was barbed wire.  Now this isn’t the kind you see keeping cows in pastures, but the kind they used in World War 1.  They used a deep, mass thicket of wire.  (Here’s a YouTube video talking about it.) Putting up a twenty yard deep tangle of barbed wire would probably be cheaper and faster than building a wall.

The way the armies got through the wire in World War 1 were prolonged artillery barrages and tanks; two things people running through the desert don’t have.  Yes, people could use wire cutters, but if you make the thing dense and wide enough, there’s no way they could get through it without being discovered by drones or regular patrols.  Also, a bomb powerful enough to put a hole in a wall large enough for a person to slip through would do nothing to a tangle of barbed wire.

Now in World War 1 the wire was often used to funnel people into spots where they could be mowed down with machine guns.  And while there are some people who would be okay with that on the border, especially if they are serious with the “invasion” language they often use, I’d say don’t make a funnel, just have a solid defense. 

So, if a tangle of barbed wire would be cheaper, faster, more resilient, and more of a deterrent, why does Trump have his heart set on a wall?

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